iPhone Apps for Creating Professional Looking Photos on Instagram

If your goal is to be a world-famous Instagram photographer, or just simply wanting to boost your follower and like counts. There are secret weapons that photographers, video personalities, fashion bloggers and famous foodies use to take their Instagrams to the next level. These apps are iphone preferred, and have been making other users’ photos look like pages from a magazines, and video look like film clips. Here are the best ways to make your instagrams stand out from the pack. 

Afterlight for IOS has 74 adjustable filters, 78 gestures, and 128 frames to fit every mood or season, plus 15 cropping tools to control every aspect of your photo. It is much better than Instagram's own filters. 

VSCO Cam is the app that was favored by many professionals. It makes top-notch photo-editing software, and its app brings that level of gloss to your amateur iPhone and Android shots.  If you want your photos to look ripped straight of of a back issue of famous magazines, VSCO Cam is your best bet. 

Whitagram can make your photos look especially cinematic. It adds white letterbox to your landscape and portrait photos. It also lets you add bits of text and art too. Whitagram makes your photo square by filling the background with white, therefore, you don't lose a thing since now Instagram allows rectangular photos, but it still makes your images a little grander. 

Over is an app that lets you add text or artwalk on top of your images, it is a great way to caption a seasonal change or a major life event. The text and arwalk make your photos more visually interesting. It is something you need if you want to recreate your favorite lifestyle bloggers’ Instagram photos.

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