Secret Path to Create Great Colorful Photos

When one color palette is too boring, and you know it is time to create a multi colored photo and give a whole new category for an all new surprise. There are popular color groups such as red, pink and orange or a cooler tone such as blue, green and purple. But there are other bright cheerful colors that are waiting to be exposed. Colors of rainbows can be very relaxing and cheerful if you mix them right. 

many of them can be found in the natural world. Flowers and seashells provide such a wide range of colors and it is really nice to see people look up, down and all around to find color inspiration. 

There are tricks to make a colorful photo even more beautiful. You can use a polarizer filter, when used at a right angle, it takes away reflections. When the reflection is cut out, you can see the true colors. It can be more vivid than the human eyes can see, but they are very real colors. 

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