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People join Instagram to ‘capture and share the world’s moments’. But the real purpose goes beyond capturing and uploading photos carrying those moments. The moments can create a market they are sharing and hoping to be noticed and appreciated.

As far as Instagram is concerned, the key to success is depending on the number of followers. In simple terms, it can be explained like this—suppose an Instagram user A has with 50, 000 followers. He will be 50 times more successful than a person B who has 1000 followers. Obviously, A is more forward looking and did the planning and investment to raise the number of followers.

The power of Instagram can be illustrated further with this example, to give an idea on the returns on investment. In a study by Forrester, it was found that unlike Facebook and Twitter, posts in Instagram get a higher per-follower engagement rate at average of 4.21 percent.

It means Instagram delivers brands 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. These stats cannot be ignored only at one’s own peril.

See the response in two social media for a same photo shared. It was that of Lindsey Vonn. When posted on both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, the Facebook likes were 20,000, while Instagram followers had liked the photo more than 71,000 times.

That underscores the need for making investments to add followers on Instagram. The comfort zone always remains that Instagram users can buy follower packages from reliable online agencies.

Even though the market has too many follower suppliers to buy 100% real & active followers, it will require the professional expertise of players like Fans Up.

Fans up stands out from rest of the crowd for credibility, authenticity and real time Instagram followers supplied at decent cost.

The best part is that all packages are delivered instantly, and takes the clients' profile from lame to fame.

It is known that no one goes to Instagram for boasting friends that “I have thousand followers.” For 90 percent of Instagram users, the agenda is promoting its own business.

For business success, Fans Up has best solutions in terms of its fame as a trusted supplier of real followers with credentials of many top clients who buy followers on Instagram.

Once the payment is processed, you will be ready to buy more followers on Instagram at lightning speed delivery to ensure promotion of Instagram account.

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