If I bought the packs, when will the followers come?
You can gain the followers at a very fast speed but they won't come in one minute because the website boosts the real and active followers.
The followers are temporary or lifelong?
The website has Unfollow Protection. If someone unfollows you, the Refund System would be activated and it fills the loss automatically. It is a lifelong guarantee.
Will it arouse suspicion from Instagram?
Don't worry. It won't. It is secured that we won't use your account to do anything without your permission.
Can I change my IG username when I use this service?
It is not advised to change your IG username if you haven't got all followers. The followers are processed through the IG username. Different usernames mean different accounts and they cannot share with the data.
What do I need to notice when get more followers?
Please make your profile public and have a regular update to accelerate the growth rate.
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